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Montessori Language Materials

Montessori Materials Language Of all of the avenues of learning in the Pan American Montessori Society’s curriculum, the Language area holds the most significant and realistic principles of total assessment. Initiating the ‘key word alphabet’, this avenue deliberately and significantly zeroes in on the most used and prominently popular language derivatives and expressions. The language area is prominent in 2 groups; The Spoken Language, and the Written Language.

The Spoken Language: The Guide speaks correctly, with absolute clarity, isolating particular abstraction being presented; internalization of the abstraction. “Correct by teaching, not by correcting”.

The very young child traces sandpaper letters and learns the phonetic sounds. This leads to manipulating letters in the sand and forming words with the moveable alphabet. Sounding words on the mat follows, relating to the five short vowel sounds. Forming and sounding the ‘word houses’ is a related exercise. Next, long vowel sounds and their rules soon follow. The child is now reading on a phonetic level, and continuing to add to his list of puzzle words. Reading soon follows, since the child becomes eager to structure sentences and communicate.

Unlike other Montessori teacher education courses, PAMS Montessori Teacher Education presents the candidates with 20 pre-course selections (games) that may be utilized when Montessori classes are awaiting organized activities; bus to park, park pick up, slipper change, (waiting periods).

The Written Language: Montessori presents the child with the orthographic factor. Since long ago, the child has presented adults with the scrolling movement of the hand on paper,…the natural movement of the hand. We, on the other hand, begin the child with cursive writing as early as pre-school.

From tracing geometrical shapes to tracing the inset with colored pencils, the child uses the natural circular motion intrinsic to cursive handwriting. The Montessori child learns to write at a very early age using the curving, connecting movement. A child transmits personal thoughts in writing, then reads to receive the thoughts of others.