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Montessori Music Materials

Montessori Materials MusicIt has been suggested that music can be used not only as a “window” into examining higher brain functions, but as a means to enhance them. That music is universally appreciated, even at birth (Trehub, 1987 Crumhorns & Jusczyk, 1990), gives it an enormous advantage as a means of developing higher brain function.Music begins as a mother rocks her baby. At two and half years, the Montessori child begins his very first days of school listening as we play the scale on the bells, singing on every note. It does not matter if all of the children sing. The flow of sound goes up and down, and all hear it.

The diatonic bell scale provides the children with many lessons. The “working” bells, a matching set to the scale, enable children to take individual notes to the table and work alone. This leads to an awareness or musical tones and the development of auditory discrimination. Distinguishing between High and Low, playing simple tunes on the bells, are all encouraged. As in all of the sensorial materials, the child is invited to match the tones and later to grade the bells according to their pitch. Children often accompany group singing on the bells.

In addition to auditory lessons, the well equipped Montessori classroom engages the children in the use of Montessori’s theory boards. These begin with the indented board (placing each individual wooden note), the staff boards, and later introducing the Montessori musical rhombus, musical memory games, and playing the music charts.

Simultaneously to this instruction the child is participating in “on line activities” which involve a daily movement to music and rhythm. Clapping, walking, skipping, hopping, gliding, moving to the music as it is heard, all encourage the child in beat, motor coordination, imagination and creativity.

As early as four years, the child may show interest in the piano keyboard as well as the bell board. Invited to join in piano instruction, he soon follows patterns and associates musical notes with the keyboard.

Classical music is introduced through study of composer, country and period.