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Montessori Practical Life Materials

P1010032.JPG P1010033.JPGMotor development and refined control of movement are experienced through the exercises of Practical Life. Movement is the law of the child’s being. Indeed, he has a biological need to move. As a physician, Montessori understood the importance of movement. She called her exercises in this area “A help to life”. Through the exercises of Practical Life, the specific, controlled, repetitive movements that aid the child in completion of a task, are the very coordinated movements which the child is trying to establish. This brings about repetition, concentration, and satisfaction.. The young child, left without guidance, is disorderly in his movements and often becomes frustrated. Once a direction is given to them, the child’s movements are made towards a definite end. So that he himself grows quiet and contented, and becomes an active worker, a being calm and full of joy.

Practical life is the first and most continuous area in which a Montessori child works. His exercises in this area are on-going, as purposeful activity introduces logical order, control of movement, and an obvious completion of work. Activities designed to enhance motor development and control movement provide the child with rich opportunities for self construction. Practical Life is the foundation of independence, as the children move into sensorial, language and mathematics. The physical skills and mental abilities acquired in Practical Life are indispensable tools.