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Lower Elementary School

Science Museum Field TripEager first level students join an elementary already in operation as they prepare to meet new challenges! Continuing with the Montessori operational materials, the Lower Elementary moves farther into the abstract with each new lesson.

Spelling is used to incite vocabulary, as weekly word lists prepare for the end of the week assignments. Writing is encouraged as children share sentences and their own thoughts about words and reading. Children often read in groups and discuss stories, their interpretation, and are encouraged to use new vocabulary.

Mathematics is a classroom favorite, as manipulation of the materials makes learning fun, interesting, and paves the way for discovery! Problems are written, and children often take turns making up “word problems” for one another.

Coming from pre-school, children have already had many introductions to geography. A review of continents and countries typically begins each year. Children are encouraged to pick a “favorite spot” to report about on the map. At least one in-depth globe study a year is always planned (2002-2003 was Antarctica).

The Time Line is reintroduced each year. From the Cretaceous Period through the Neolithic Period, the children delight in learning the progression of animals. The Phylum Chordata is introduced in preparation for the next levels.

Art, Music, P.E. Spanish and French fill out our culture and public speaking time. Field trips are coordinated with our project studies. The atmosphere of the Lower Elementary program is lively and spontaneous!