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PAMS – Pan American Montessori Society

Pan American Montessori Society LogoThe mission of the Pan American Montessori Society is to offer teacher education courses of high quality that provide an in-depth study of the Montessori Concept of Education and the ways in which it can be implemented.The goal of each course is not just to give lessons on the didactic materials, but to provide candidates with an understanding of the secret of childhood, to give them new insights into the nature of child development, and to demonstrate how respect for the child’s inner teacher serves as the integrating principle for effective childhood education.

At the heart of Montessori’s message is her call for parents and teachers to work toward the liberation of the spirit. Learning to implement this fundamental principle, through a study of Montessori’s Concept of Education, is an essential part of the course.

“Our teachers thus penetrate the secret of childhood, and have a knowledge far superior tot hat of the ordinary teacher who becomes acquainted only with the superficial facts of the children’s lives. Knowing the child’s secret, she has a deep love for him, perhaps for the first time understanding what love really is”. – Dr. Maria Montessori