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Montessori Teacher Education Courses

Montessori CoursesCourse Description – Instructors explain the theoretical framework for understanding child development and demonstrate the use of the appropriate didactic materials. The course addresses the following topics:

– Montessori’s Life and Work
– Stages of Childhood Growth and Development
– The Four Planes of Education
– The Sensitive Periods
– The Guide As Love
– The Prepared Environment
– Motor Development and Control of Movement through Exercises in Practical Life
– Sensorial Foundation of Intellectual Life (includes Music and Art)
– The Acquisition of Language and Literacy
– The Presentation of Cultural Subjects
– The Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind

Teacher Education Courses
2.5 – 6 years

This course addresses each avenue of the pre-school classroom:
* Practical Life
* Sensorial
* Language
* Math
* Music

The geography and cultural programs are also a part of this course. A complete music workshop is included in the program.

PAMS offers more than lessons on the materials. Investigating “The Secret of Childhood” is truly our aim. PAMS connects the avenues of the classroom so that you, as an experienced guide, will be as invaluable asset to your school.

In addition, PAMS offers you placement opportunities. Our connections throughout the US and especially Florida, give you an opportunity to prove your skills.