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Upper Elementary School

Montessori Materials Practical LifeThe Upper Elementary incorporates as its motto: ON TIME! WELL RESTED! PREPARED! Individual text books are not used. Instead, pulling from the best of current text books which work in accordance with Montessori materials.In Math, once a concept is understood, the application is discovered and the computation becomes accurate. Operational skills are taught early, and incorporate much reading.

Grammar is taught through the language boxes and symbols leading to the parsing of sentences. Bi-weekly book reports are directed through literature study and comprehensive exercises. Beginning writing is encouraged through the actual experiences of the child. A diagram is built to begin outlines and then the actual writing.

The Upper Elementary prepares six major projects each year. This includes geography and science. Students research and assemble their own books for these projects. They are laminated and may be kept for a lifetime.

Students are continually kept cognizant of current events so that they may speak intelligently about world happenings.

Speech is offered yearly, and all upper elementary participates. Through early rules of speech and a program entitled “On Your Feet”, Upper Elementary students become excellent orators by graduation.

Art, music, and P.E. are included as is Spanish and conversational French. The accent is on music, as the Upper Elementary performs cantatas, musicals and an end of the year production.

Traditions of Montessori Upper Elementary include in-house parents explaining their line of work, museum trips applicable to current projects, a story-telling fair, dinner out, and an Orlando overnight trip.